Event Management Screen

Control and review all aspects of ticket sales for an event from one central screen –
The Orders page.  You can follow up on each order in real time, from the moment of ordering until your end-client hands his ticket to the usher.

Options include:

Customer name and contact details

  • Number and location of tickets
  • Payment method – credit card, cash, PayPal etc., paid/unpaid; with/without coupons
  • Subtotal, ordering fees, total
  • Print tickets
  • Print receipt
  • Print envelopes
  • Define pick-up point for the tickets
  • Selling Related Services – read more

Or switch to the Admin page, for the following order-related options:

  • View orders: paid orders, unpaid orders, uncompleted orders, refunds, and more.
  • See pre-orders
  • Search orders

… and more.