On-Demand Real-Time Reports

For any specific concert, show or tour, the Showberry system will generate reports according to the parameters you select from the menu.
For example:

  • Event totals – see a quick running total of revenue according to sources; that is, how much money is coming in from which event.
  • Sales by date – shows tickets, orders, and income on any given date. Or have the data fine-tuned, to display also the distribution of income from “agents”, i.e. committees and franchisers.
  • Ticket type – a report showing the number of tickets available/blocked/sold/unpaid (reserved) according to zone/price category, and the value of remaining/blocked tickets if sold at their default price rate.
  • Income by payment method
  • Agent sales by date
  • All income and expenses of a specific show's tour

With Showberry, you can always get a full, accurate, up-to-date picture of ticket sales,  details of your customers, how your partners and sellers are performing, cash flow and other financial data.

With information about your sellers and partners just a click away, you can be constantly well-informed and make better decisions. As your business network of sellers expands, watch your profits grow.